Our Story


The Body Band was formed by two sisters based in Wicklow, Ireland. We've always been passionate about keeping physically fit. We regularly heard our family and friends remark that they weren't confident enough to go to the gym or that they didn't have enough time to attend a gym. 

The two of us put our brains together to try think of a way to make exercising easier and more accessible for them.

Over the years we've used several rubber resistance bands which have all eventually snapped. (Not to mention rolling, pinching and pulling hairs.) We purchased a material resistance band the minute we heard of them, and quickly fell in love. 

Hence, The Body Band concept came to life. Our mission is to help people achieve their fitness goals wherever they choose. Full band workout at home? Muscle activation in the gym? Bringing your workouts on holiday? It's completely up to you. 

The Body Bands have been tried and tested for five years. We hope you love them as much as we do. 



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